Killer Whale Research in Northern Norway

von | | | 29. Januar 1997

Hanne Strager

Vortrag am 29.1.1997 in der „Alten Apotheke“


Killer Whales are among the best studied of whales. Since the 70«ties Canadian researchers have studied a local population of killer whales in British Columbia revealing a wealth of information about the family structure and behaviour of these big predators. More recently killer whales have also been studied in northern Norway where they congregate each fall in the narrow and deep fjords to eat the herring overvintering in the fjords. A group of international researchers have studied the killer whales population structure, their behaviour, communication and annual movements using techniques as ID-photography, underwater sound recording, video filming and DNA fingerprinting. Due to the alleged competion with fishermen for the valuable herring killer whales have previously been hunted in Norway, but lately they have become the target of another industry: the increasing whale watching business.


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Hanne Strager

Dänische Biologin, Mitbegründerin des Whale Watching in Andenes, Nordnorwegen.

Scientific Advisor at the Whale Center. Hanne was among the initiators oft he Whale Center in 1987 and worked several years as a naturalist on the the Whale Safari boats. She is current leader of the naturalists working at the Whale Center as well as chairman of the board of Andenes Cetacean Research Unit. After a years study at the University of California, Santa Cruz she completed her masters degree at the University of Aarhus, Denmark on the vocal dialects of Norwegian killer whales.