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The Marine Mammal Bibliography.

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A Digital Bibliography of
Society for Marine Mammalogy Publications
(Papyrus version)

NOTE: This electronic database is being made available as a courtesy to scientists and other interested individuals. This database (Vol. 1-15) was prepared by Dana Seagars as a ProCite database and converted to a Papyrus database by Jan Herrmann, as indicated below, all questions and comments about or on this database should be sent directly to him. Mention of specific product or brand names does not imply any endorsement by The Society for Marine Mammalogy.

This database is intended to compliment the electronic (CD) version of the journal Marine Mammal Science by making citations more available to readers and so prospective authors may easily generate "Literature Cited" sections of manuscripts to be submitted to the journal.

What is included?

This web-site provides a means to download a bibliographic database of publications issued by The Society for Marine Mammalogy, including:

  • all articles, notes, and other materials (book reviews, letters & scientific correspondence, memories, and business & minutes) published in the journal Marine Mammal Science, volumes 1 - 24 (1735 entries). Database is current through volume 24, issue 4 as of the revision date below.
  • Chapter citations from the Special Publications 1-3 and the volume citation for Publication #4.

What fields make up the database?

For each citation: fields include all authors, title of article, volume and issue number, pages, ISBN#, and the type (e.g., article, note, other) of paper;

  • Abstracts and keywords from all articles, where provided by the authors, are included in separate searchable fields.

How is the database formatted?

What is included with the Papyrus version of the database?

  • An "output style" file is provided (see figure 4 and 5). When imported into Papyrus, an author can use it to generate automatically a Literature Cited consistent with the formatting standards outlined in the Marine Mammal Science "Guide for Authors" (see disclaimer, below).
  • A glossary with all the commonly used latin species names (see figure 6).
  • Companion "Install Help" files to help guide the user through file installation so Papyrus can find and use the database and output style.

I don't have neither ProCite or Papyrus. Can I nevertheless use the database ?

  • With beginning of 2004 Papyrus is declared a free programme. You can download Papyrus for Macintosh or Papyrus for DOS and use it for free. Although Papyrus for DOS is functionally able to keep up with its competitors Endnote, Reference Manager and others, it has to be run in a DOS Box of your Windows computer, which is not as intuitive as you might wish.
    Papyrus for Macintosh is a Mac Classic application which runs in the Classic environment of Mac OS X (up to 10.4) smoothly and efficient (Drag and Drop to OS X windows works great). On modern Macs with Intel processors or with Mac OS X 10.5 you'll need the emulator SheepShaver. It has still many advantages over Endnote, Bookends, Sente or other OS X citation managers and should be worth a try for your archiving and publishing needs. You are welcome to read my review of Papyrus for Macintosh at Cetacea.de.

How do I get a copy of this database?

Files have been compressed into various downloadable files.
Please choose what you prefer:

Disclaimer: the compiler of the database and the style file used to generate a Marine Mammal Science Literature Cited section advises potential users that there is always the potential for errors or omissions in the database or the style file. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure any Literature Cited sections created with these files follow MMS editorial policies and the guidance detailed in the Guide to Authors, published in the first issue of the journal each year. For the final word on the correct format to use, contact Daryl J. Boness, Editor, Marine Mammal Science. If you find an omission or error in either the Papyrus database or the output style, please contact Jan Herrmann, so it can be corrected. If you use this material and it helps you, please tell your friends and colleagues about it.

The Papyrus database is a merging result from Dana J. Seagars' complete Marine Mammal Science database (Vol. 1-15) and 400 already entered references by Jan Herrmann. Volumes 16- were entered by Jan Herrmann. The credits for the database should go to Dana J. Seagars, who initially created this database as a ProCite database.


I am grateful for the Webspace
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the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Contact information Jan Herrmann, Papyrus Database responsible

Last revision date: January 25th, 2009