About Cetacea.de

„Wal und Mensch“ was a course of lectures at the School of Veterinary Medicine Hannover from 1993 to 2011. Scientists from Germany and the European bordercountries presented their work about whales and dolphins. Here you can find summaries of the lectures and recommendations for further reading .

Furthermore you can find additional information about cetaceans on cetacea.de:
A list of museums, which exhibit whale skeletons, book reviews and articles independent of the lectures. You can offer or buy used books about marine mammals in our bookshop, or you can visit other web sites with the help of our annotated internet link collection.

The contents of this website are mainly written in german. But if you’re interested to get closer into the World of „Wal und Mensch“ (Whale and Man) you could use one of the web site translators. For example the Google Translator (the best one I tried).
If you are not afraid of pork whales (automatic translation from the german word for porpoises) try those as well: Online-Translator or Babelfish.